Education in Canada

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Why Canada?

Canada is one of the leading countries in education with high standards and quality. With its 528 Science score,  516 Math score in PISA (The Programme for International Student Assessment), Canada is one of the top countries in the world, appearing in the top 10 for all categories – math, science and reading. ( PISA results).

It is not only because of the very high standard education system in Canada, but also because of the diversity the country offers. Canada gives the opportunity of meeting people from diversified cultural, social background, and diversity is the foundation of all innovation. According to the OECD education director, one of the reasons of Canada’s success in education is the high academic performance of migrant children. Click to read more

Many cities in Canada provide very “student friendly” environment. For example, Montreal has been named as the best city in the world for students in 2017. Click to read more

4 Canadian cities are in the list of the cities with the best quality of life in the world. Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver are among to top 23 cities… Some of the criteria are; political and social environment, schools and education, health, housing, etc… Click to read more

Why Far Education?

Moving to another country for education is not an easy decision and is not an easy process at all. Especially when we are talking about the future and the happiness of our children. Finding the best matching education path, researching and selecting schools, the admission process, and doing all these from distance, from another country, need very broad expertise and assistance. As Far Education, our mission is to assist the families from all around the world, to find the best school for their children in Canada, to process the applications and to follow-up the admissions. Our team of experienced education consultants and advisors are providing guidance during all the school selection and placement process. Our professional services covers all levels of education; from primary school to the university (School placement).

In addition to our professional team, one of our main advantages is to be based in Montreal, Canada. We do have direct relations with the schools and schools boards in Quebec and Ontario. We prepare student’s portfolio, we make assessments and school selections accordingly. And we organize meetings with the schools to introduce the student’s portfolio, submit the application forms and documents and follow-up the process.

In addition to school placement, we provide consulting for summer schools, camps, and language courses in Canada (Summer camps). Our main area of expertise, is the language intensive summer camps, to improve the English or French language skills.

Finally, some families are looking for house or apartment to rent or to buy, while deciding on the school. In such cases, we provide connections to our professional real estate agent partners, so that the families are able to finalise these two related topics at the same time.